Scalloped skirt!

Red scalloped skirt with pocket

And the skirt making continues…

I bought this fabric a while ago. Its actually Christmas quilting fabric, shhh! I had it all lined up for a different style of skirt, and then it just developed as I made it. I had seen pictures of scalloped skirts on Pinterest and thought they looked nice. When I saw that the pattern on the fabric was curved, it reminded me of the said skirts and so away I went. Sorry to say I didnt photograph how I did it, and I didnt follow anyones tutorial. But if you search for a tutorial, Im sure you will find one :)

Scalloped skirt OTD

This time I added an external pocket, just for the contrasting look, with the underneath of the scallops.

Scalloped skirt contrasting pocket OTD

All in all, I really like the skirt. The only thing I would change is the size of it around my body. I used the formula of 1.5 x largest hip measurement. It is a bit too much for my liking and I think next time I make a similar skirt, I will aim for about a 1.2 -1.3 x largest hip measurement.

Now, summer days, come at me! (Except the bad humidity, you can just tone it down a little..)

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  1. This is a lovely skirt, I love the fabric combinations.

    I woke up to clear blue skies and frost this morning, summer seems a distant memory!

    • Thankyou! Ive noticed Ive been drawn to blue and red recently. Feels so fresh!

      Ah, yes, I feel the opposite. Winter seems distant. Now its all hot, humid, thunderstorm, rain, cool breeze, repeat.. !

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