Been making some cards…

This blog post is well overdue, and apologies for that!

Life got in the way of crafting and posting for a while there, and so the only thing I had done was some fun cardmaking at my MILs. Ive starting creating more recently and hopefully there will be some blog posts to follow πŸ™‚

For now, here are some of the cards I had fun making…

Apologies for the poor camera quality. All the cards (except the ‘Liam’ one) are white.. if only the camera knew that!

Baby girl clothes card.

This sweet little card went to a friend who had a beautiful baby girl, and unexpectedly early, so glad I had it done!

Baby girl rocking horse card

And this sweet card was for another of my beautiful friends who had a lovely little girl. Very exciting!!

Baby girl bunny card

So who’s going to get pregnant to receive this one??

Block colour card

First card I made, using the Cricut Expression 2 and 2 different size sticker makers. The kids helped out with this one πŸ™‚

Unisex badge baby card

A simple card. Really like the effect of badge cards. Thought it would make a nice unisex card, for those expecting a surprise.

Baby boy elephant card

Baby boy card..

Inside baby boy elephant cardAnd the inside, up the top. This one went to my another sweet friends baby, Alex, who I am yet to meet. Cant wait!

Liam baby boy cardSpecial card made just for Liam, my friends little baby boy.

First birthday star cardFor my favourite nephew, 1 year old!

Gift card - starsAnd a little gift card, made using the same as the above card.

Happy second birthday garden cardJust loved these little garden stickers.

Also made a thankyou card using them, but I had to thank someone quickly, so no photo!

Happy third birthday night garden cardAnd a night garden card. Oh I did love those stickers, so cute!

So thats not all of them, but thats all the photos I took.

Had such a great time making them. Wish the same to all you crafters (the same being you find a nice person who will let you use all their cardmaking things, hehe πŸ™‚ )


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