Fun pillowcases!

Tube pillowcases

This weeks little project (not forgetting the mound of repairs Im chugging through…) is sweet pillowcases for the kids. Fun for the kids to pick out which fabric they wanted, and a great easy way to make something that they will cherish.

While browsing youtube one night, I came across a great video on how to make pillowcases using quilt fabric. It stuck with me, and I knew inevitably that I would make some.

This is the video.

Tube pillowcase tutorial 

Green pillowcaseBlue pillowcase

Both pillowcases were done in fabric I had been given, so only cost me the thread and my time. But of course, the beautiful green fabric on the pillowcase above had a nice funky smell to go with the vintage, so that earnt itself a good wash!

And heres a close up of each of the fabric combos (I got a new camera, can you tell??!)

Blue pillowcase closeup

Green pillowcase closeup

All in all, a fun project 🙂


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