A birthday dress!

Well, its less than a month until one special little kid turns 3!

Ive started a little tradition where my daughters get to pick the fabric for their birthday dress and then I make them. Then they get to wear the dress until they grow out of it (hopefully til their next birthday!) So far we have only had one dress that was a bit of a flunk and didnt get worn after the birthday. I may be paraphrasing, but this comes to mind, “Mummmmmm, the elastic is hurting my aaArrmmMmMSSssss….” The fabric may also have been a fluoro and black stretch concoction.. Mum was ok with not fixing that to be worn again.. haha!

I think this years is a winner, so without further ado…

Birthday dress frontBirthday dress back

Certainly a notch up from the fluoro dress! Cant wait to see my happy girls face on her birthday, prancing around in her dress šŸ™‚



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