“Fairy princess queen ballerina…” dress up skirt using a lace curtain

Who else hears about a pretty mermaid princess fairy who practices dancing and is going to a party tonight on her unicorn which also likes wearing a tiara? Im sure Im not alone when I hear the combination of girl words pumped out at me. Apparently, only one girls’ thing is not enough. All must be entertwined into a super- extravaganza of girliness.

Something tells me if you cant beat them, join them. So I rustled through the kids dollclothes and blankets to find something. It contains a lot of my fabric pieces that the girls gravitate towards (and coincidentally end up in their playroom). There I found a piece of what I can only imagine is a pink lace curtain. Who knows?! All I know is the kids love it.

Husband, lets put this on your study window!
Husband, lets put this on your study window!

I cut it up and made a skirt, and used the little scraps to decorate some hairties.

Fairy skirtFairy hairtie

Happy girls!

The skirt and hairties would make a nice pressie for a little girl, without much time or cost.

Im sure any lace curtain would do, certainly could be an upcycling project!

For the skirt, I made 2 rectangles and attached the sides with a straight stitch. Then I cut elastic to waist length and sewed it in a loop. I sewed a casing by folding the top of the skirt over the elastic as I sewed. I cut the triangles into the bottom of the skirt at the start, but this could be done at the end with any shape you like. You could also use the bottom of a lace curtain that already has a nice shape and pattern.

For the hairties, I cut a few little strips, folded them on themselves, put them around the hairtie, and pushed the ends through the loop.


… the girls are eyeing off a piece of green shimmery fabric now.


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