A fete bargain!

Who loves a good fete? I do. The jam. Oh, the jam. The cakes, the homemade goodies, the sound of general cheer in the air. Well, last weekend we went to a big fete. I bought jam, I bought homemade biscuits, the kids picked hairclips and lollies and cupcakes… but the best buy of the day was some very cute dolls clothes.

Big Mum dressed up

The kids love this doll, who originally was given as a ‘Big Sister’ doll. Times have changed – she has been renamed as ‘Big Mum’ and is Mum to the soft toys. Yes, her children are otherwise known as Froggie and Reindeer. What a lucky lady!!

Here is Big Mum’s great budget buster, and would you believe these are all brand new?!

Big Mums clothes cost

I felt a bit like I was ripping off the older ladies! But they did put their little white circle stickers on and priced them and now they are in a loving home. The age old handcrafting dilemma; selling to make a profit vs. selling cheaper to someone who truly appreciates the work and time spent.

What great handcrafted bargains have you found lately?


4 thoughts on “A fete bargain!”

  1. Its hard to find real handcraft bargains! My dad is wood turning us all a set of salt and pepper grinders- so its a bargain for me- free! you have inspired me to hit up a market very soon and treasure hunt!

    1. I do like those handcraft bargains.. only problem is sometimes I have to ask myself if I really need some of them, haha!

      Oh, Im interested in seeing the salt and pepper shakers. My uncle used to make us things on a wood lathe, so cool to see the transformation from just a piece of wood.

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