Sweet knitted stripey octopus jacket

So its been a year of babies (well, who am I kidding, its been a few years of babies..!) and so I decided that one in particular needed a cool jacket. As usual, I couldnt help myself and ended up combining 2 patterns into one. I loved the stripey jacket, I loved an octopus hat. I couldnt make a matching hat to an already hooded jacket, could I? Too much. So out come the leftovers of yarn, and I found a funky combo to make it. The stripes are the colours of the ocean, with a nice bright octopus. Hope you keep warm in it, little man!

OTD octopus jacket

Speaking of getting carried away, I had some overalls that were all but done.. and realised they matched well to the jacket. On went the matching snaps. And voila! A matching set.

OTD octopus jacket and overalls

I am really chuffed with how it all turned out.

Here are the books and patterns I used to bring it all together:

OTD Simplicity pattern 6948
And thanks to the person who drew the back on the front, saves me turning the pattern over, haha!

This pattern Ive had for a while and dont have a clue where I got it from! I would say, either the Salvos, or my grandmother picked it up for me. I just love the old Simplicity patterns. Personally I find them so easy to follow and they turn out just like the picture shows. Plus they always seem to fit well.

OTD octopus hat pattern

This book is a new one to me that I bought this year. I really love pretty much all the patterns in it. This octopus hat, though, ohh, too cute!

OTD octopus jacket

And I also bought this book from the same shop. What can I say, its just like the other book, but 60 different great knits!

OTD knitted octopus
Say hello to your sea-dwelling giant brain on 8 legs!

And one last photo because goodness knows I haven’t added enough yet.. Mr. Red Octopus. My 4-yr old assures me that I really should have put a mouth on him. Im not sure, I mean I think their mouths are underneath arent they?? I regret googling that. Both they are freaky and I think his eyes should be lower. Haha!

So there we go!

I must add this is not the stash-buster project I have just started working on. This one I had been slowly working on for the last couple of months, and then had to get my little knitting hands going when I realised the baby was nearly 3 weeks old!


What to do with those leftover balls of yarn..?

Leftover balls of yarn OTD

I have been given many leftover yarns, and then made things, and bought yarn and made things.. and in the end it all ends up a big amount of leftover yarn! Its definitely time for a cleanout. After giving a lot of the blues, greens, purples and pinks to a friend who is crocheting some blankets, Ive been left with masculine colours.  Sooo Im going to make something. Ill keep you all posted! Can anyone guess what it’ll be?

Screen printed PJs!

Screenprint pjs OTD

So after doing some cushions.. I thought Id keep the screen printing going and make some pyjamas out of the same fabric. Who am I kidding, the 4 year old wont have any other fabric at the moment!

So I made up some pants with the fabric and did a quick applique on a pre-bought T-shirt. And here they are; a quick, easy, and unique set of Summer pyjamas.

Simplicity pattern 8325 OTD

And a side note. I cant believe this great pattern (admittedly I did have to cut down the top of the pants, seriously high waisted) that I just picked up second hand has never ever been used. Its date on the back says 1987, which means it is 26 years old, and I had to cut out the pattern in it myself!!

Also, the little bootee things, yep, there really is a pattern in there for them. Haha! I would make them if I thought my kids would not only entertain the idea, but actually regularly wear them.

Screen printed cushions

Screen printed cushion OTD

So, I have a lovely sister-in-law who is very talented at screenprinted. Unfortunately for me, she isnt doing it right now. Fortunately for me and the kids, she has given us old samples of some of her work.

Long ago, I got some cushions from Target heavily reduced. When I told the kids that we could cover them for their beds, they immediately wanted some of the screenprinted fabric for the covers. Im pretty chuffed about how they turned out. My favourite has to be the splodges one. The different colours make it nice and vibrant, plus its not girly (which ends up happening having daughters!)

Close up of the back :)
Close up of the back 🙂

The other cushions were covered with a flower and butterfly print, in pinks, purples and greens. The kids were most excited that I had purple zips, in my bag of zips, to use on the cushion covers.

So sweet!
So sweet!
Complete with purple zips!
Complete with purple zips!

A good friend of mine blogged about a great place to do some printing, or get some awesome designer stuff, not too long ago.  Road of the Curious  If only there were more weeks in the year is all I have to say!

Have any of you tried screenprinting, or made anything with one-off fabric?