Screen printed PJs!

Screenprint pjs OTD

So after doing some cushions.. I thought Id keep the screen printing going and make some pyjamas out of the same fabric. Who am I kidding, the 4 year old wont have any other fabric at the moment!

So I made up some pants with the fabric and did a quick applique on a pre-bought T-shirt. And here they are; a quick, easy, and unique set of Summer pyjamas.

Simplicity pattern 8325 OTD

And a side note. I cant believe this great pattern (admittedly I did have to cut down the top of the pants, seriously high waisted) that I just picked up second hand has never ever been used. Its date on the back says 1987, which means it is 26 years old, and I had to cut out the pattern in it myself!!

Also, the little bootee things, yep, there really is a pattern in there for them. Haha! I would make them if I thought my kids would not only entertain the idea, but actually regularly wear them.


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