Bendigo Woollen Mills

If theres one thing Im passionate about, its buying local. When I hear about imported fruit while ours rots on the ground, my blood boils. Living near orange groves, I eat my fair share of local oranges. The juicer gets a workout too. At $8 for a box of 64 delicious and fresh juicing oranges, why on earth wouldnt you?? But I am going on a tangent…

My choice of yarn follows a similar pattern. In Bendigo, Victoria, Australia is a great wool mill. They use Australian wool (imagine, a mill using wool for yarn!) to make all different coloured and ply yarn. Garments Ive made out of their yarn always turns out beautiful, washes well, and best of all, theres probably a chance Ive driven past the sheep wearing the wool itself, with it being sourced from central NSW!

So for my upcoming knitting patterns, I will be using Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn. Please go and check out their website. They have beautiful yarns, mostly 100% wool, but also 100% alpaca, 100% cotton, and wool with blends of alpaca, silk, bamboo, mohair, and angora. The mill brings out limited editions of yarn in different blends and colours a few times a year, plus the regulars that are always available. Their yarn range is from 2 ply through to 12 ply, and comes in large 200g balls. And one of the best things I love about Bendigo Woollen Mills is the value for money. Their prices are low because they manufacture the yarn themselves, meaning you are buying direct.  AND if you spend over $50, you get free postage within Australia.

Now, where are my needles…


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