Free printable – Kids t-shirt worksheet!

So the holidays are upon us, and the kids are tired .. and bored. What to do with them??

Free printable for kids ~ Oak Tag Designs

This is a printable I actually made up last year, but never got around to sharing it.

Something quick and easy that you can print out, and get the kids to (hopefully!) sit down, relax, draw and find their inner clothing designer!

So here is the Free printable pdf ~ Kids tshirt drawing!


2 thoughts on “Free printable – Kids t-shirt worksheet!”

  1. I am currently designing some educational resources for teachers and children about animal reintroductions and re-wilding in Britain. One of the activities I am asking children to do is to design a t-shirt to illustrate the theme. I have included in the worksheet, your own worksheet for children, and a link to your website.
    I hope this is okay with you.
    Best regards,
    Graham Temby

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