Felt cushion sewing kit for kids!

Felt cushion sewing kit

Well, I dont know about everyone else, but our Christmas break was full on! So I decided to take 3 weeks break from doing the blog. Now things are relatively back to “normal”, the weekly blogs are back!

I really havent had time to do much sewing and knitting. But I did help my daughter with this awesome little sewing kit for kids that she got off Granny for Christmas. Its made of felt and has precut holes to put the thread through. One side has felt flowers (and a butterfly!) to stack and sew on, and the other side has buttons. It has everything in the kit, including a plastic sewing needle. The only thing I needed to grab was the scissors.

The pack says Ages 6+ but I found my 5 yr old could do it fine. I did have to sew the flowers on for her after she had stacked them, because it was hard for her to line up all the holes through the layers.  I also cut the lengths of thread for her, and did the knots, but really, I could just talk her through those bits.

Did your kids get any great craft activity kits for Christmas?


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