A pretty princess skirt!

Princess skirt ~ OTD

So this week I made a skirt. Its a belated present to my daughters’ friend. She turned 4 sometime in December, and due to the craziness, I didnt have time to make up the skirt. Of course, my eldest daughter picked out the fabric, and then she helped me where she could to make it up. I just made up how it would turn out, as I went along, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Bottom of princess skirt ~OTD

It reminds me of a princess skirt. And as a bonus, its good enough quality that it can be worn as a normal skirt, as well as a dress up. Unfortunately, I didnt take any photos so that I could make a tutorial. Please comment if you would like a tutorial on this skirt and I will do one!

And as an aside, has anyone seen this before? I went to buy some shirring elastic for the skirt (who did I lend mine to??!) and the only ones I could find where coloured! Looks very cool, but you don’t see it because its at the back anyway!

Coloured shirring elastic


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