Leftover balls of yarn project complete – a blanket!

Leftover yarn blanket ~ OTD

So I did it. I have finished all but a few balls of yarn (and after being gifted some from my MIL), and made a beautiful stashbuster, leftover yarn blanket. This after my lamenting of having so much leftover yarn.

I was set on a blanket of sorts, and after having a look through raverly patterns, I came across one I loved, garter squish (I think you will need a ravelry account to access it, otherwise this is the creators website),  and so modified it. In the US, it seems the fallback yarn of choice is a 10-ply, but it Australia, it is definitely an 8-ply (DK). So with that in mind, I was using 8-ply. I used two strands of 8-ply on 8 mm needles, with 120 stitches across (making it 90 cm wide).

I continued the pattern for approx. 190cm, which makes it the perfect size of a single bed. That means it would also cover the pillow, but I think it will look great folded back.

My MIL loves knitting the odd blanket for the couch, and has a great one that is long and narrow. Perfect for having a snooze on the couch. I think this blanket would be great for that use as well. Too wide and it would become very heavy to knit.

Somewhere in the midst of making it, I promised it to my 3-yr old daughter. She is in love. I let her have a sleep with it yesterday, until I realised.. vintage yarn, that blanket needs a wash..

Heres some more photos…

Close up of the edge :)
Close up of the edge 🙂
All folded up!
All folded up!
So colourful!
So colourful!

Do you have a nice warm blanket you are knitting at the moment? Im ever so strongly resisting the urge to start another one!


7 thoughts on “Leftover balls of yarn project complete – a blanket!”

  1. Ooh! Lovely! Your 3 year old has good taste. I’ve been waiting to see what you were making with your left over yarn. That’s a blanket worth waiting for. 🙂

    1. Thanks! You would think it would be boring, but I found it quite good. It was handy to have a relaxing project around Christmas when stress levels are high, and I didn’t want to think. But changing colours after each ball of yarn kept it interesting enough. Always just working towards the next colour!

  2. Does this blanket have any kind of pattern to the colour changes, or did you just knit until each ball ran out? Did you change MC and CC together, or just add in a new 2nd strand each time a ball ran out? This is really quite an alluring design, I love it.
    (I should probably finish a project, or 15, before getting inspired again 😉 )

    1. So I just started with the darkest brown until it ran out, and then put a few rows of the cream, and then the next lighter brown until it ran out, and then some rows of cream (but more than before) and then repeated with the lightest brown, and added some cream on the end to make it long enough. I still have cream left over; probably just as much as I used in it.

      I had quite a few balls of the brown and would just keep adding a new ball when one ran out. When that colour got close to running out completely, I stopped it at the end of the row to change to cream.

      Im glad you think its nice! I wasnt sure as I was making it and just guessed at how big the cream stripes should be, but Im happy in the end!

      I get in ‘finishing ALL the projects’ modes and its such a good feeling to get them done 😀 (well I dont get them ALL done, but you know!)

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