A pram blanket?!

Blue pram blanket ~ OTD


A few years ago, I was trying to get in some stashbusting, with speed! I saw this amazing pattern (at least I thought so at the time) for pram blankets that used multiple strands. It had different pattern repeats for different looks. I choose mine, along with 8 (!) strands of 8 ply (DK) and away I went. It turned out lovely. Except that I didnt actually want to use it with my babies. It is quite chunky and I could just see them pulling the strands with their fingers.

In retrospect, I wonder, did I make it more strands that the pattern said? Maybe I was too eager to see that yarn disappear!

So it has sat in the wardrobe and I have pulled it out to scratch my head a few times, and then it has returned. Ive decided it has to happen.. whatever ‘it’ may be. So far my kids’ ideas are as follows, “WE will have it as a blanket!”, said very matter-of-factly. One of my ideas is to back it with a fabric and use it as some kind of knee-warmer on the couch. Another is to back it with fabric, double it over, and use it as a cushion cover. And thats it. Help me!

What would you do with this strange creation??


Lomond hat completed!

Lomond hat


Made myself a hat – so now I’m all ready for winter!! Haha, if only it were that easy!

I had been looking on ravelry for a hat that would use up more of my stash of 12 ply (Bulky), whilst looking great AND keeping my noggin and ears warm. I found the Lomond, a free pattern on ravelry (you’ll need a ravelry account to access it). I modified it a bit, by making the needle sizes one smaller than the pattern stated (which is larger than what my 12 ply yarn recommends anyway). It made the hat fit more snugly, which is exactly how I like them. And I made my pompom a bit scraggly, kind of reminds me of a wet sheep, haha!!

So excited about how well it turned out.  Love it!

A stashbusting headwarmer of sorts!

Blue stashbuster headwarmer!

So Ive been doing a bit more stashbusting. The yarn is Patons Jet (a 12ply or Bulky), and its lovely. So lovely I convinced myself that I would have enough in the blue and yellow to make a beanie. As I progress, I can see it may not be so! Im thinking I will just modify it into a thick headband of sorts. I’m making up the pattern as I go, so that should be pretty easy!

Have any of you made it too far through a project and realised there wasnt enough yarn? Any interesting modifications? Id love to know!