A pram blanket?!

Blue pram blanket ~ OTD


A few years ago, I was trying to get in some stashbusting, with speed! I saw this amazing pattern (at least I thought so at the time) for pram blankets that used multiple strands. It had different pattern repeats for different looks. I choose mine, along with 8 (!) strands of 8 ply (DK) and away I went. It turned out lovely. Except that I didnt actually want to use it with my babies. It is quite chunky and I could just see them pulling the strands with their fingers.

In retrospect, I wonder, did I make it more strands that the pattern said? Maybe I was too eager to see that yarn disappear!

So it has sat in the wardrobe and I have pulled it out to scratch my head a few times, and then it has returned. Ive decided it has to happen.. whatever ‘it’ may be. So far my kids’ ideas are as follows, “WE will have it as a blanket!”, said very matter-of-factly. One of my ideas is to back it with a fabric and use it as some kind of knee-warmer on the couch. Another is to back it with fabric, double it over, and use it as a cushion cover. And thats it. Help me!

What would you do with this strange creation??


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