Another crochet flower!









I loved doing the crochet flower, so I did another one! This time I used this tutorial to make the flower. You can make it smaller or bigger, depending on what you want to put it on. It was more work than the crochet flower I did last week, but definitely worth it. The top is for my eldest daughter, so I got her to pick out a button to go in the middle. And here is the finished product!

White crochet flower w button on top

And a close up 🙂

White crochet flower with button


Crocheted rose on a top!

So my sewing machine needs to go in for a service. Its just not loving sewing like it usually does. But that doesnt mean that birthdays stop! So for a 1 year olds birthday coming up, I have crocheted a rose using this youtube tutorial (perfect for beginners!). And then handsewn it to a top. I love it, so cute!

Crochet rose

Crochet rose on top

Knitting blanket squares!

Knitting purple squares


This week I thought it was time to start an easy knitting project I could do without thinking. Conveniently, our Womens Ministry at church is knitting a blanket together to give to a local charity.

The squares have to be 20 x 20 cm and are preferred to be in 8 ply yarn on 4mm needles, and in the colours purple, blue or pink. Having used so much of my 8 ply stash for the big blanket I knitted, I don’t have any of those colours left in 8 ply. So I have used two 4 ply strands together. Its turned out really nice and firm. Perfect for a cosy blanket!

The photo shows it as a blue-purple colour, but its really a rich purple that has a light purple spun through it. So pretty 🙂

Girls lacy cardigan complete!

Brown lacy cardigan


I posted about a green cardigan I finished last year. Not too long ago (ahem, over 2 years ago) I started the same cardigan but in a 5 ply. It was started on holiday, and stopped when the holiday did. It was destined for my eldest daughter. Well, it won’t fit now, so daughter #2 will be having it for this autumn, winter and spring.

Im very happy Ive finally finished it!