Girls lacy cardigan complete!

Brown lacy cardigan


I posted about a green cardigan I finished last year. Not too long ago (ahem, over 2 years ago) I started the same cardigan but in a 5 ply. It was started on holiday, and stopped when the holiday did. It was destined for my eldest daughter. Well, it won’t fit now, so daughter #2 will be having it for this autumn, winter and spring.

Im very happy Ive finally finished it!


2 thoughts on “Girls lacy cardigan complete!”

  1. I really like that design and good colour choice too, it’ll go with every thing. I went to spotlight the other day looking for yarn and I was really dissappointed with their stock but I think they will probably restock for winter soon. do you remember what yarn you have used here?

    1. Thanks 🙂 I was a worried about using brown, but the pink buttons have lifted it a bit.
      I think I used a Cleckheaton washable wool. It was given to me, so its been around for a while.
      Yeh, I havent bought yarn from Spotlight for a long time. I got disappointed when they started having so many synthetics and novelty yarn. Not the kind of yarn I want to make jumpers, cardigans or hats out of. The only yarn I really like that they stock is some of the Patons range.
      Ive started buying yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Love it, plus they send out sample brochures.
      Im thinking about buying some yarn from a friend who has a business dying yarn. Its so nice! Its called Nunnaba.

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