Knitting blanket squares!

Knitting purple squares


This week I thought it was time to start an easy knitting project I could do without thinking. Conveniently, our Womens Ministry at church is knitting a blanket together to give to a local charity.

The squares have to be 20 x 20 cm and are preferred to be in 8 ply yarn on 4mm needles, and in the colours purple, blue or pink. Having used so much of my 8 ply stash for the big blanket I knitted, I don’t have any of those colours left in 8 ply. So I have used two 4 ply strands together. Its turned out really nice and firm. Perfect for a cosy blanket!

The photo shows it as a blue-purple colour, but its really a rich purple that has a light purple spun through it. So pretty šŸ™‚


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