Knitting dolls clothes!

Knitted doll dress ~ OTD


Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to use up my scraps and leftover yarn.  So I got some larger yarn on the needles and made up this little dress for a favourite doll at our house. Ill admit, its a bit out there – not something I would sport myself! But it has the memories. The bottom yarn I used to make friends baby a newborn hat, the green and grey yarn was handspun by my Mum, the lighter blue is leftover from a jumper my Mum made for herself when I was little, and the darker blue was leftover from some interesting mittens I made, that ended up at my Mums – who proclaims they are some of the best mittens shes ever worn!

Whats the best thing you’ve whipped up from scrap yarn?


(As a side note, yes, the doll is wearing a loom band bracelet especially made by my 5 year old. Hey, dolls have to keep up with fads too!!)


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