Crocheted crowns!

Crocheted crown - white and pink

So here they are! The finished products from the one of the lovely hand-dyed balls of yarn.

I looked around ravelry, until I found this pattern, which can be found on the Hatting Madly Crochet website.

They were so quick to crochet up, and as far as I can tell, the pattern was brilliant. This is about the second written crocheting pattern I have followed, so Im not much of a judge! There was only one spot, where I pulled it out about 4 times before realising what it meant. This is clearly because Im a knitter and forget that you can crochet into holes, not just stitches!

They also dont take up much yarn. I was thinking that I might not be able to make 2 out of the 50g ball of yarn, so I did the first one with a cream coloured yarn as the band. Boy, was I wrong. I made it, and then 2 completely coloured ones, and I still have about enough left for another one.

The only change I made to the pattern, was for my 3 year old. I did one less pattern repeat, to make it smaller. I found that even though the pattern is for a toddler crown, it turned out to fit my 5 year old. But Im sure that it depends on tension, and the yarn. To adjust, the website says to adjust the foundation chain by 6 stitches.

The kids love them, and apparently so do the dogs (who just love to dress up, haha!).

Crocheted crown - hand-dyed yarn

So now, Im still not sure what to use the other yarn for! But Im sure something will come to mind.. 🙂


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