Stashbusting brown crocheted blanket


Brown crochet blanket - stashbusting!

In a never ending effort to get rid of yarn that I have been given while also making lovely things, I made this crochet blanket!

I had a large amount of 5 ply yarn in 3 different browns. I also had 400g in a cream colour, and 200 g in a white. After some deliberation, I decided that I would start with the darkest brown, and work towards the lightest. In between changing the browns, I would put stripes of cream, getting larger as the blanket went on. After I had finshed all the brown, I used the cream until it was a length that worked well on the bed.

I used a 7 mm crocheting hook, and put all the yarn double, which meant it was quicker to crochet up. In truth, this is the first blanket I have ever crocheted. Im hooked!! Haha! (Seriously, I am using a lot of self control not to start another crocheted blanket, lucky my husband doesn’t read my blog!)

I made it very simple doing rows of double crochet. I am tempted in the future to try something a little more complicated. But admittedly, I dont want it to be too complicated. That blanket helped me survive through Moshi Monsters at the movies with the kids. That was an interesting movie!

This blanket is for my eldest daughter (after I knitted this blanket for my youngest daughter). It seems a little drab for her creative flair and style, so I am thinking about crocheting flowers to put on it. Originally I was just going to use a lovely purple. But now Im thinking I will use up scraps in all different colours. We will see what she says!



2 thoughts on “Stashbusting brown crocheted blanket”

    1. Thanks!
      This was my first crochet blanket, and honestly, it was so quick! And it was a simple pattern, so I could do it wherever, even when I was concentrating on something else.
      Try one!! 🙂

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