Flowery circle skirts!

Floral circle skirts

I have seen some lovely circle skirts on Pinterest, and thought hmmm….

Well, the time had come to make some. One daughter owns about 2 skirts, neither are the right size! The other, despite being a size 6, regularly wears a particular size 4 skirt (no need for the elastic, really!) and a tie dye rainbow skirt that has seen better days back when it was a dress. So I decided I would make the skirts as a surprise for them.

I picked out a floral weave fabric that I had in my fabric stash. It worked perfectly to fit both of the girls skirts. I decided to finish the bottom edge with bias binding. I thought it would be easier, but really, it took about the same amount of time as pressing and sewing a hem. It does look nicer though, and brightens the skirt up. For the elastic at the top, I made it exposed (like all the cool kids are doing with their skirts), and used black to match.

I love them, the girls love them, and bonus.. ! They think they look great as capes and decided to wear them like that all day. Well, you just never know with kids!

And although I didnt actually use a tutorial for the skirts (because goodness, I should be able to pump out some simple math after all that university math I’ve done!), I do recommend that those with fewer math skills, or sewing skills should follow one. The skirts are as simple to make as others rave. And they turn out great.

Here is a tutorial that explains really well how to make a circle skirt.

So good luck, all of you, because I know you are going to rush off and make one now! Vroooommm…


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