A petite knitted pigeon


Knitted pigeon

I made a knitted pigeon from a knitting book I picked up at a local book store. Its has all different knitting projects inspired from London.

The little pigeon was gifted towards my sister in law for her birthday. They have Pepper, the cat…

Knitted pigeon attacked by cat
Argggghhhhh!! Save me!

The book has lots of cool knitting projects in it. It has ones that I would never bother with, like a book cover and a bag bovver (yes, I was as confused as you).

But the queen and her corgis and all the little people and animals are very cool, and presumably very quick to knit up.

The book came with nearly everything needed to make the pigeon (minus the yellow thread for the beak). Β It was smaller than I expected, but still cute and reasonably pigeon-like.

So for now, Ive hidden the book from my daughters who had taken up nagging me to make the queen and corgis.

I’ve snuck it out of hiding.. here it is…

Stitch London - Lauren O'Farrell


4 thoughts on “A petite knitted pigeon”

  1. Lauren O’Farrell is also known as @deadlyknitshade if you’re on Twitter, she’s heavily involved with Stitch London knitting group and general yarn-tastic events! x

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