Frozens young Anna dress complete (phew!)

Frozens young Anna dress - OTD


Frozens young Annas dress back - OTD

Well, its done, and in the nick of time. Not long now until I will have a 4 year old!

That was a marathon, if I say so myself. The 5 year old declared, “Its the best dress you have ever made”, so that made me feel like it was worth the extra effort. It also fits, Im only not happy with minor things that don’t matter, and I took enough pictures to make a very long tutorial!

Hopefully, the tutorial will be up in a week or two. Prepare yourself for a download-affecting amount of photos, haha!!



3 thoughts on “Frozens young Anna dress complete (phew!)”

  1. Oh how precious! And beautifully done. I’m sure she loves it. You’re setting quite a precedent. Now your girls will be wanting dresses like all the movie princesses, mermaids and fairies! But then I guess we girls always do. They say you start playing dress up at 5 and never stop! Good job!

    1. Thanks 🙂 There were some bits that I would do differently (there won’t be a next time for this dress!)… but happy overall!
      Yep, the girls are always asking for some costume of sorts! But this time, Ive certainly fueled the Frozen dress fire. My eldest daughter has started asking for me to make an Elsa dress for her birthday. I’d better start looking at ideas!
      So true.. but I think it starts at 3 hehe!

      1. My mom made me and my sisters so many dresses. For school and play and everything! I thing she gave us all the love of fashion. The ones I remember most were the fancy ones, like Easter and Christmas dresses. But no costumes! You are giving your daughters a wonderful thing. Go mom!

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