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Weekly blog posts coming!!

As Oak Tag Designs gains some momentum, Ive decided that I will be doing weekly blog posts, for everyones enjoyment. Some weeks will be what craft project Ive been up, some weeks will be tutorials, and other will be sneak-peeks of patterns I will be soon to release.

They will come out each Friday afternoon, just in time for the relaxing weekend.

What tutorials and patterns would you like to see?



Well, here it is! The blog for Oak Tag Designs.

While I am getting patterns together, I get sidetracked… or should I say inspired! So here I hope to share ideas, updates on what patterns I hope to release soon, and some tutorials.

So far, Im just trying to get my head around blogging. Ugh. Anyway, when thats sorted, Ill put a tutorial up! Hopefully that should be in the next week or two. Stay tuned!