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Frozens young Anna dress complete (phew!)

Frozens young Anna dress - OTD


Frozens young Annas dress back - OTD

Well, its done, and in the nick of time. Not long now until I will have a 4 year old!

That was a marathon, if I say so myself. The 5 year old declared, “Its the best dress you have ever made”, so that made me feel like it was worth the extra effort. It also fits, Im only not happy with minor things that don’t matter, and I took enough pictures to make a very long tutorial!

Hopefully, the tutorial will be up in a week or two. Prepare yourself for a download-affecting amount of photos, haha!!



A birthday dress!

Well, its less than a month until one special little kid turns 3!

Ive started a little tradition where my daughters get to pick the fabric for their birthday dress and then I make them. Then they get to wear the dress until they grow out of it (hopefully til their next birthday!) So far we have only had one dress that was a bit of a flunk and didnt get worn after the birthday. I may be paraphrasing, but this comes to mind, “Mummmmmm, the elastic is hurting my aaArrmmMmMSSssss….” The fabric may also have been a fluoro and black stretch concoction.. Mum was ok with not fixing that to be worn again.. haha!

I think this years is a winner, so without further ado…

Birthday dress frontBirthday dress back

Certainly a notch up from the fluoro dress! Cant wait to see my happy girls face on her birthday, prancing around in her dress 🙂