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Cute 1st birthday outfit!

1st birthday outfit for a boy - OTD

I had the pleasure of doing a sewing job for a friend this week. Making her sons first birthday outfit! She purchased the clothes and fabric, and I put it together.

It was a fun project, and he looked very cute in it today 🙂




Cloth wipes!

I may have failed to mention recently that I have added cloth wipes to my Etsy store!

A few years ago, I used to make and sell them on eBay, but family commitments meant I no longer had the time. They were very popular, and I would even get emailed to make special orders. I still now, get friends asking me whether I can make them some cloth wipes.

Here are the ones I have up on my store at the moment; just click the picture to get taken through to the listing 🙂

5 x blue rose cloth wipes - Oak Tag Designs

5 x blue spots cloth wipes - Oak Tag Designs

A while ago, I made up  a tutorial on how to make cloth wipes. They are very simple to make, so if you find yourself handy with the overlocker…

Cloth Wipes Tutorial


Crocheted crowns!

Crocheted crown - white and pink

So here they are! The finished products from the one of the lovely hand-dyed balls of yarn.

I looked around ravelry, until I found this pattern, which can be found on the Hatting Madly Crochet website.

They were so quick to crochet up, and as far as I can tell, the pattern was brilliant. This is about the second written crocheting pattern I have followed, so Im not much of a judge! There was only one spot, where I pulled it out about 4 times before realising what it meant. This is clearly because Im a knitter and forget that you can crochet into holes, not just stitches!

They also dont take up much yarn. I was thinking that I might not be able to make 2 out of the 50g ball of yarn, so I did the first one with a cream coloured yarn as the band. Boy, was I wrong. I made it, and then 2 completely coloured ones, and I still have about enough left for another one.

The only change I made to the pattern, was for my 3 year old. I did one less pattern repeat, to make it smaller. I found that even though the pattern is for a toddler crown, it turned out to fit my 5 year old. But Im sure that it depends on tension, and the yarn. To adjust, the website says to adjust the foundation chain by 6 stitches.

The kids love them, and apparently so do the dogs (who just love to dress up, haha!).

Crocheted crown - hand-dyed yarn

So now, Im still not sure what to use the other yarn for! But Im sure something will come to mind.. 🙂

Shirt and tie!

Shirt and Tie ~ OTD


So I got my sewing machine serviced ( so its running like a dream again), and decided its time to start a bit of sewing again.

A sweet little boy we know is turning 2. I had a size 2 white tshirt that I knew I would use.. but I couldn’t work out what I would do. I thought some shorts and a matching applique on the tshirt. Alas, having daughters, I dont have much fabric in boys’ prints! So to Pinterest I went. Looking around, I saw an idea I liked. Putting a tie on a boys tshirt. The rest is history!

I  kept the tie free so it can move around. Love it!

Shirt and Tie up close ~ OTD

A knitting pattern is on the way!

I’m very excited to announce that I’m halfway through getting my first knitting pattern ready for sale. Hooray!!

I don’t want to give away exactly what it looks like.. but I can say, its a 2 piece set for all those little boys that are soon to be born! It can be used for a photo shoot or everyday wear, and I think it goes without saying that its cuuuuuuute!


Sweet knitted stripey octopus jacket

So its been a year of babies (well, who am I kidding, its been a few years of babies..!) and so I decided that one in particular needed a cool jacket. As usual, I couldnt help myself and ended up combining 2 patterns into one. I loved the stripey jacket, I loved an octopus hat. I couldnt make a matching hat to an already hooded jacket, could I? Too much. So out come the leftovers of yarn, and I found a funky combo to make it. The stripes are the colours of the ocean, with a nice bright octopus. Hope you keep warm in it, little man!

OTD octopus jacket

Speaking of getting carried away, I had some overalls that were all but done.. and realised they matched well to the jacket. On went the matching snaps. And voila! A matching set.

OTD octopus jacket and overalls

I am really chuffed with how it all turned out.

Here are the books and patterns I used to bring it all together:

OTD Simplicity pattern 6948
And thanks to the person who drew the back on the front, saves me turning the pattern over, haha!

This pattern Ive had for a while and dont have a clue where I got it from! I would say, either the Salvos, or my grandmother picked it up for me. I just love the old Simplicity patterns. Personally I find them so easy to follow and they turn out just like the picture shows. Plus they always seem to fit well.

OTD octopus hat pattern

This book is a new one to me that I bought this year. I really love pretty much all the patterns in it. This octopus hat, though, ohh, too cute!

OTD octopus jacket

And I also bought this book from the same shop. What can I say, its just like the other book, but 60 different great knits!

OTD knitted octopus
Say hello to your sea-dwelling giant brain on 8 legs!

And one last photo because goodness knows I haven’t added enough yet.. Mr. Red Octopus. My 4-yr old assures me that I really should have put a mouth on him. Im not sure, I mean I think their mouths are underneath arent they?? I regret googling that. Both they are freaky and I think his eyes should be lower. Haha!

So there we go!

I must add this is not the stash-buster project I have just started working on. This one I had been slowly working on for the last couple of months, and then had to get my little knitting hands going when I realised the baby was nearly 3 weeks old!