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More catch-all bibs :)

Catch all bib - fits 6 months to 4 years

I finished these bibs last night, and now they are up on my Etsy store. Admittedly, I had almost finished them about 2 weeks ago, but… I didnt have enough of the right coloured snaps, so I had to wait for some more.

Still my favourite of the catch-all bibs is the stripey ones. I sold one to a friend last week and it jet-setted off to the UK for a lucky little baby boy 🙂

I think this will be the second last colour in the catch-all bibs for a while. I’m going to be (as promised for a long time!) releasing some patterns soon 🙂



Floral catch all bibs – ready to go!

Floral catch all bib - Oak Tag Designs on Etsy

Just finished off a few more bibs ready for my Etsy store.

I absolutely love these fabrics and the prints. I had a moment where I wondered if my nearly 4-year old could resume wearing a bib just because I love it so much (yes, it does fit her!), but remembered she hasnt worn one for at least a year!!