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Im still here!

Its been a while since Ive posted, the longest in a long time, haha!

I am still here, just been a little busy with life and all the things that go with it.

Ill be back soon, showing some things I have created, and with some news of my own 😀

Looking forward to getting back to it, and seeing what everyone else is up to 🙂


A petite knitted pigeon


Knitted pigeon

I made a knitted pigeon from a knitting book I picked up at a local book store. Its has all different knitting projects inspired from London.

The little pigeon was gifted towards my sister in law for her birthday. They have Pepper, the cat…

Knitted pigeon attacked by cat
Argggghhhhh!! Save me!

The book has lots of cool knitting projects in it. It has ones that I would never bother with, like a book cover and a bag bovver (yes, I was as confused as you).

But the queen and her corgis and all the little people and animals are very cool, and presumably very quick to knit up.

The book came with nearly everything needed to make the pigeon (minus the yellow thread for the beak).  It was smaller than I expected, but still cute and reasonably pigeon-like.

So for now, Ive hidden the book from my daughters who had taken up nagging me to make the queen and corgis.

I’ve snuck it out of hiding.. here it is…

Stitch London - Lauren O'Farrell

I got LABELS!!

So really, I want to put about 10 exclamation marks on the title of this blog post. I’m terribly excited that I now have my own clothing labels. I have been sussing them out for a while, and finally ordered them.. to discover they take 2.5 weeks to come. The people at Gang Apparel Accessories were great though; quick to respond, answered all my questions, and delivered a perfect product.

So I waited patiently next to the mail box,  and eventually they arrived. Hooray!

Here are the brand labels. They were made as a cotton weave.

Oak Tag Designs labels - cotton weave

Here is the care instructions label.

Care instructions label

Can anyone guess what I will be selling soon??

Hand-dyed yarn!

Hand-dyed yarn

On the way back home after Mothers’ Day, I visited a fantastic handcraft shop. There is some gorgeous hand dyed, and handspun yarn there. And some delicious jam… amongst other things.

We are going away this week, and I need something to do in the car. Its decided that I will be using this gorgeous yarn. But what do I knit?? The pink yarn is an 8 ply (DK) and is 50g. The multicoloured yarn is 4 ply and also 50g.

Ive looked through some pattern books, but with the amount I have, its hard to know!

Any ideas??



Mothers Day!

This year I got to see my Mum for Mothers Day! We live a while from my parents, so it usually doesn’t happen. It was very nice. And of course, I made my Mum something. She was gushing with happiness over them. My Mum, my biggest fan!

Here they are:

Nice and toasty...
Nice and toasty…


And matching!
And matching!

From this book:

Awesome book
Awesome book

With this yarn:


Awesome yarn
Awesome yarn

How was your Mothers Day? Any handmade gifts to show off?

Finished knitted squares for blanket!

Knitted squares for a blanket

You might remember a few weeks ago, I started making some knitted squares. Well, I finished 4 and here they are drying last night after I handwashed them.

It was a nice relaxing little project. Good break to get the creative mind working again!

I got to see some photos of the blankets that are being put together (by some ladies at our church) from the squares today, for a local charity, and they look good!

Knitting dolls clothes!

Knitted doll dress ~ OTD


Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to use up my scraps and leftover yarn.  So I got some larger yarn on the needles and made up this little dress for a favourite doll at our house. Ill admit, its a bit out there – not something I would sport myself! But it has the memories. The bottom yarn I used to make friends baby a newborn hat, the green and grey yarn was handspun by my Mum, the lighter blue is leftover from a jumper my Mum made for herself when I was little, and the darker blue was leftover from some interesting mittens I made, that ended up at my Mums – who proclaims they are some of the best mittens shes ever worn!

Whats the best thing you’ve whipped up from scrap yarn?


(As a side note, yes, the doll is wearing a loom band bracelet especially made by my 5 year old. Hey, dolls have to keep up with fads too!!)