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Im still here!

Its been a while since Ive posted, the longest in a long time, haha!

I am still here, just been a little busy with life and all the things that go with it.

Ill be back soon, showing some things I have created, and with some news of my own πŸ˜€

Looking forward to getting back to it, and seeing what everyone else is up to πŸ™‚


10% off coupon on my Etsy store :)

September is my favourite month πŸ™‚

Spring (well, at least here in Australia!), my birthday, and this month.. my first pattern will be released.

So in celebration, for the month of September 2014, I am offering 10% off all purchases in my Etsy store Oak Tag Designs.

Just enter the coupon code ‘SEPT10’ in checkout to get the 10% off πŸ™‚

Cheap second hand pattern find!

I went to a shop recently that sells things to support a local jail (plus also selling furniture that is made by some of the inmates). Its an awesome shop. It has handmade crafts, clothes, and furniture, plus jam and pies and cakes, and second hand things like books and clothes, and toys…

I found some patterns, oh, I certainly did! They had a small package of assorted patterns which I paid $3 for. Some of them I will use for my daughters.

Old sewing patterns for kids

And then there was a box of new patterns without their envelopes, for only 50c each! It was hard to tell the fit of some of the patterns because the photo/drawing was gone. But I picked out what I thought would be handy in the future. Im very much contemplating the jacket for myself.. but I’m sure if I do, it will be spring by the time its done.

Patterns without their envelopes

This pattern was a very happy find. I have a friend who has a new precious daughter, and in asking her what she would like me to make.. she said a poncho! I was going to draft the pattern, but finding this pattern will mean I don’t have to πŸ™‚

6049 Pattern with poncho - Size 6 months to 4 years

And our last, but certainly not least purchase was this jewellery box. It hit my daughters eye from across the room the minute she walked in and I had 2-minute reminders about it the whole time we were there. At $3, I decided it was a purchase we could make!

Decorated jewellery box


I got LABELS!!

So really, I want to put about 10 exclamation marks on the title of this blog post. I’m terribly excited that I now have my own clothing labels. I have been sussing them out for a while, and finally ordered them.. to discover they take 2.5 weeks to come. The people at Gang Apparel AccessoriesΒ were great though; quick to respond, answered all my questions, and delivered a perfect product.

So I waited patiently next to the mail box,Β  and eventually they arrived. Hooray!

Here are the brand labels. They were made as a cotton weave.

Oak Tag Designs labels - cotton weave

Here is the care instructions label.

Care instructions label

Can anyone guess what I will be selling soon??

Hand-dyed yarn!

Hand-dyed yarn

On the way back home after Mothers’ Day, I visited a fantastic handcraft shop. There is some gorgeous hand dyed, and handspun yarn there. And some delicious jam… amongst other things.

We are going away this week, and I need something to do in the car. Its decided that I will be using this gorgeous yarn. But what do I knit?? The pink yarn is an 8 ply (DK) and is 50g. The multicoloured yarn is 4 ply and also 50g.

Ive looked through some pattern books, but with the amount I have, its hard to know!

Any ideas??